Entry 1 – First Post

Hi. This isn’t the first iteration of JohnHattaway.com. Maybe there will be more own the rode. For now, it’s the iteration I believe I need and the one I’m going to pursue.

My name is … wait for it … John Hattaway. I’m no longer young. No longer hip or in touch. No longer a lot of things and I think none of that matters and this may prove to be a minority opinion.

On the other hand, I’m a husband, a parent, and someone searching for answers and information and in the long and short of it all, this is where I’ll develop some of the ideas and theories, explore the different things I’m reading, maybe aspects of what I’m writing, and some opinions with ideas that, while I’m working through them, make sense and have value.

The website will follow one of the simple rules I have: Something in, something out.

What that means is I do a lot of reading and a lot of thinking and as a result something has to come out. There are no examples where something comes from nothing.

I reserve the right to alter my opinions or theories or ideas, to change my mind or alter my view or the world, and to contradict myself, deciding in the moment my ideas are correct right now and may be correct and different in the future and in neither case are they going to be compatible.

This won’t be a place for politics or pundancy, though I’m absolutely going to write about politics and pundants. It’s not a platform for faith or religion or spirituality, though I’ll explore those topics as well. Whether we choose to understand these things or realize them, they are all integral to our lives and define, regardless of who we are or where we’re from, the world around us.

I’m not a religious person nor do I believe in God. I don’t think there are any perfect or correct political system or ideology or theory. Nor do I care for people who claim one thing is better than another.

That should be it for now. There’ll be more, though I make no promises or commitments.