This is my website and to that end I'm going to use it. Write in it. Create long rambling posts about stuff that mostly only matters to me. There are things I may touch on, but don't care about outside of the writing. There are things I'm going to care far too much about. In either case, the one thing that will remain true is the complete lack of response one may receive, from me, in terms of what I write on this website in my journal or weblog or blog. 

Additional Details

First, I am on the spectrum, I prefer ASD, which stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder. There will be things about that and as I find the time, the energy, and the desire I'll probably write about ASD here. 

Second, I'm a fulltime stay-at-home-parent who only now has time to dedicate to things like this. Up until recently, the child I stay home with wouldn't let me near a computer without getting mad. I was relegated, for a long time, to my phone and then my iPad. There is plenty of writing shared via cloud computing magic between all my devices, though not all of (or any of) that writing may end up here. 

Third, I live under the belief that I will be 1. a writer; 2. a published author (not self-published; and 3. famous for what I write. As with most people, I do have an ego and that ego may prove to be self-evident on these pages. 


The content I'm writing isn't, necessarily, for everyone nor would I expect people to agree with me, like what I've written or how I've written it, or feel as though they have some obligation to return to this website. If you do, I'm going to write what I want. Otherwise, it was nice for you to visit, if you have opinions please find a different forum for sharing. 

This article was updated on February 3, 2022